New Year's 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Starts January 15 at Firefly Hot & Flow Yoga

What is the New Year's 30 Day Yoga Challenge?

The 30 Day Yoga Challenge is an all-in-one program designed to kickstart your health in 30 days. We have a program designed for beginner, intermediate or advanced students. It’s open to men and women in the Cary area who want to work hard, have fun, and achieve rapid physical results. Our approach is simple, yet comprehensive, and includes everything you need to stay on track.

* 30 days of unlimited yoga at Firefly Hot & Flow yoga * Nutritional guidance - we will give you a downloadable Paleo meal plan and this is highly suggested, vegans can replace meat and eggs with substitutes * Weekly bonus opportunities * VIP Facebook group * Opportunity to win prizes * Expert support and accountability * 15% off on a juice cleanse at Juice Vibes

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How it Works

Welcome to the Firefly Hot & Flow Yoga 30-Day Yoga Challenge. This challenge will help you build healthy habits in training, nutrition, and lifestyle.  

  • You’ll track your performance on a tracking sheet (we'll give it to you at our kickoff event!) and submit it online at the end of each week.  
  • You’ll also get access to our Facebook group, where we’ll share resources, answer questions, and post bonus opportunities.
  • This structure is fun, simple, and works for all fitness levels!
  • There are two options for this yoga challenge: beginner and intermediate. Not sure which challenge to do? Follow these guidelines:
  • Do the Beginner Challenge if: you have been practicing yoga for a year or less or you most frequently choose beginner classes online or gentle to moderate hatha yoga classes in a studio. You will be asked to attend a minimum of 3 classes per week. 
  • Do the Intermediate Challenge if: you have been practicing yoga for a year or more and you most frequently choose power or vinyasa classes online or at a studio. You will be asked to attend a minimum of 5 classes per week.  

Important: No matter which challenge you choose, you will most likely feel challenged in many different ways - physically, mentally, spiritually. 

Remember that yoga is about humility, surrender and experiencing your true self, and sometimes it's better to choose the more gentle path in order to sink into your inner experience. So don't be too concerned about choosing the right challenge during your 30 days of yoga - enjoy the path you are on!

Practice Objective

➤ Take class 3- 5 times per week  

  • You’ll complete your yoga classes at Firefly Hot & Flow Yoga in Cary, NC. 
  • Our yoga program offers uses a wide range of functional movements to help you build strength, boost your metabolism, and improve your mobility.
  • Our certified yoga teachers work with students ranging from beginers to advanced. 

Nutrition Objective

➤ Eat 3 “balanced meals” every day  

  • Your goal is to eat three daily meals that include a lean protein + vegetable + healthy fat + water.
  • This approach is simple, easy to track, and highly effective. 
  • You’ll be amazed at the immediate improvements you’ll notice in your energy levels and satiety.

Detox Objective

Avoid nutritional toxins  

  • You’ll attempt to avoid sugar and alcohol during this challenge.
  • These foods can negatively impact your physical performance and often lead to unwanted weight gain.
  • By avoiding these toxins, you’ll give your body a chance to “reset” and make significant progress toward optimal physical function.

Lifestyle Objective

➤ Build 1 healthy habit

  • You’ll focus on building one of these daily habits:
  • Meditate for 5 minutes 
  • Walk for 20 minutes
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal
  • Keep a daily food log
  • This objective will enhance your rest and recovery.

Our Happy Members...

"Today was my first time doing yoga ever and I felt that I was where I was supposed to be. I feel amazing and the instructor, Jennie, was amazing and has such a soothing voice. She's very encouraging no matter what level you are at or how you're feeling. I definitely recommend this place!! Baileigh Grace J ★★★★★

"Love how this studio makes you feel like you are in a cozy, serene space... The instructors are very helpful and welcoming to everyone; making everyone feel comfortable and calm. I would recommend to all my friends and family to check out the classes here; they will not be disappointed! Brittany L ★★★★★

"Firefly is my favorite yoga studio in the triangle. Teachers are very patient and understanding of specifically what I am looking for, and have a depth of knowledge that is hard to find elsewhere. I'm a long distance runner and swimmer, so I'm usually going into the hot room with specific hip, knee, or ankle problems that need to be fixed, and come away feeling light years better than when I went in. Why can't I give 10 stars?" John F★★★★★

"I really love going to Firefly Hot & Flow Yoga! I have become stronger both inside and out because if it. The instructors are so knowledgeable and attentive, helping you with your positions when needed. Each of the instructors there are excellent which makes it hard to choose which class to go to. Morning or evening classes are offered and some on the weekend as well. The Hot Holy Flow on Sundays led by Jennie, the owner gives you a spiritual message and a great workout! It's fantastic! This place is a hidden gem - right off Cary Parkway inside the Kildaire Farms fitness clubhouse." Amy M ★★★★★

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 30 Day Yoga Challenge? It’s an innovative yoga program designed to transform your body, supercharge your energy, and improve your overall wellness. It starts January 15th at Firefly Hot and Flow Yoga. 

Who can register? It’s open to all ages, fitness levels, and body types. Our expert you modify each class according to your individual ability and goals.

When can I take class? Participants will have access to our entire class schedule. We have multiple class options every day.

What will I get? In addition to the classes, you’ll get a prep guide, daily tracking sheet, online leaderboard, nutritional resources, access to our Facebook group, and unlimited support.

Will I get results? Our goal is to help you lose 1-2 lbs. of body fat per week, which is the safest and most sustainable approach. You’ll also get stronger and feel more energetic throughout the day.

Do I need to sign a contract? Nope! All you need to do is commit for the challenge for 30 days and pay $67. There are no contracts, hidden fees, etc.

Try a FREE Class! Do you want to try Firefly Hot & Flow Yoga before the challenge starts on January 15th? Fill out this form to claim your FREE class!