Join Kristina Faulkner, Licensed Counselor and Jennie Wise, RYT 500 for a practical and profound 12-Week Group Program: Yoga-Based Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. 

Gain Practical Life & Stress Management Skills, Improve Relationships and More... This Program Can Greatly Benefit You.

This DBT & Yoga workshop includes:

  • Discussion of anxiety and fear and their origins
  • Breathing practices to calm and balance your nervous system
  • An introduction to Mindful meditation
  • Yogic techniques for managing anxious and dysfunctional thoughts
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy exercises to help you learn how to approach and manage fear
  • Introduction to exposure and response prevention exercises
  • Stress management exercises and much more  

*No experience with Yoga is required

TUITION: $196 Per Month or, $559 Pre-Paid  


Weekly Tuesday Meetings:

April 3, 2018 - June 19, 2018


What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Yoga?

Our DBT and Yoga 12 Week Group Program is a structured, powerful, life-changing course which blends traditional yoga philosophy and psychology. 

The benefits of working with this type of group program is the ability for people to learn how to change their thoughts in order to create positive change in their lives. 

DBT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that is based on a balance between acceptance of where a person is right now together with the need to push for change. This helps the person to have more effective relationships and manage stress and difficult emotions such as sadness, anger and/or anxiety. 

‘Dialectical’ in DBT have to do with opposite forces, and the goal in DBT is to find where opposites unite, to help reduce conflict (both outer and inner) that keep one from intra-personal and interpersonal union. 

We’re constantly balancing needs, values, and ideas that may appear to be opposites. Our task is to find the synthesis in these differing ideas.  

This is the same objective in yoga, ‘yoga’ the Sanskrit meaning ‘union’ or ‘yoke’. DBT and yoga are both self-supporting lifestyles that involve self-study, behavioral change and healing.  

DBT offers western psychological research and evidence-based eastern philosophical modalities to healing AND yoga includes roots in Asana and ancient practices of India shown to be helpful. 

We believe that great suffering can be an opportunity gateway for tremendous transformation, relief and even ecstasy- this program, when approached with steady commitment, offers an unwavering pursuit ahead.

What are the Benefits of DBT and Yoga?

DBT aims to help the residents in a very specific, organized fashion, and focuses on changing harmful behaviors.  

The following are some of the benefits of DBT:  

  • Stress Management 
  • Increasing Mindfulness Skills & Ability to Press Pause Between Stimulus & Response
  • Learning and mastering life skills 
  • Decreasing symptoms related to trauma, stress, anxiety and depression
  • Enhancing and sustaining self-respect
  • Assistance with goal setting in order to create a life worth living

About Your DBT Yoga Team...

Jennie Wise, RYT 500, Specialty in Yoga Psychology, Master of Health Science 

Jennie is known for her authentic, inspiring, safe, healing, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered based philosophy living it both on and off the mat. Jennie seeks to help others live each moment mindfully & to thrive in life by nurturing & connecting to body, mind and soul & to step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced. Jennie is service oriented providing community classes and KARMA yoga projects & fundraisers such as 4 Paws for Emily at Hope Church & Hope Church College Ministry & most recently Pray with Your Body – Community Workshop & Holy Yoga Flow. Received RYT 500 Master’s Level Certification in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, & Slow Flow lineage from Jonny Kest Life Power Yoga. Focused on continuous philosophical education & specialty certifications, including 95 Hour Holy Yoga under founder Brooke Boon in Phoenix, AZ. Jennie has completed specialty training in the Psychology & Neuroscience of Yoga in Los Angeles, CA. 

Kristina Faulkner, Licensed Counselor

Kristina Faulkner is a licensed counselor professional associate, a certified professional counselor, and a license substance abuse counselor in the state of NC.  

Kristina has been intensively trained in DBT through Behavioral Tech and has found incredible successes with her clients implementing DBT skills that has given them a life worth living. 




How to be in control of your mind instead of your mind being in control of you.


Distress Tolerance

This is your emotional “first-aid kit” for what to do when in crisis or when emotions seem unbearable.


Emotional Regulation

How to understand the function of emotions & to make them helpful to you instead of chaotic.


Interpersonal Effectiveness

How to ask for what you need and how to say no in a way you are heard & how to reduce conflict in relationships.


Walking the Middle Path

Develop the ability to acknowledge and ‘synthesize’ opposites, whether the conflict lies within yourself or is interpersonal; move out of all or nothing thinking & acting.

Class Information

DBT and Yoga Group Classes will be held at Firefly Hot & Flow Yoga

Tuesdays at 7:00-8:15PM April 3, 2018 - June 19, 2018

*Thursdays available based upon demand - please email with your interest request

203 Pebble Creek Drive

Cary, NC